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Easy ways to learn new things

October 24th, 2018

College is an all-round learning experience but there are ways you can make it easier on yourself. When you learn new things, you want them to stay with you. This makes it easier to revise come exam time. It’s no fun forgetting everything you learn. Here are some easy ways to learn new things.

Know your learning “style”

Everyone has a preferred way of assimilating new information. When you know your learning style, you will be able to better choose how to conduct your studies. Understand if you are a visual learner or tactile learner etc. and find ways to make your studying fit this way of learning.

Make learning fun

Reading text books is a very dry way of learning. So is taking copious notes in lectures. There are so many information sources available so seek them out. If you are mentally stimulated while you learn, it is much more fun. Need to read a boring set novel? Watch the movie adaptation. Need to conduct a chemistry experiment? Watch a YouTube video.

Make it a social occasion

There are times when you will need to close yourself off from the world to complete an assignment or revise for an exam, but outside of these times, make the most of the resource you have all around you with your classmates. Join a study group for discussion about the subject can be stimulating and it also offers different perspectives.

Take it Extra-Curricular

Not all your studying has to be done on campus or in a classroom. Keep an eye out for local events such as talks and exhibitions around your subject. Even if the topic is not specific, having a much wider view of your subject makes studying any topic easier.

Any way you can make studying fun is going to make it easier.